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Search Engine Marketing


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Activecraft SEM Services

Activecraft feels very proud for being an online marketing organization, and offers leading SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services. Being a total internet marketing solution, Activecraft brings an array of services when comes to your website’s success and health, from transfer optimization to the branding of social media or more.

Activecraft provides anextensive array of PPC Services for the business owners that haven’t started their initial campaign yet. We have experience of many years of successfully running paid campaigns on the search engines by staying at the top of business as well as taking benefit of the newer technologies and logical reporting.

We provide full service solutions and consulting which will assist you running more professional campaigns. We help you in lowering down your advertising cost and raise your ROI using verified strategies that include:

Bidding properly during particular times of the day/ week according to order history.

Create graphic-based ads to display networks.

Geo-targeting for finding local customers.

Stop poor performers as well as improve ad-copy.

Implement re-targeting promotions for the customers that have visited your website.

Improve landing pages, which are more expected to convert.

Improve the position of sign-up and call-to-actions buttons.

Select the suitable targeted keywords as well as bid with the right match type.

Set suitable daily budgets for remaining competitive whereas not exceeding due funds.

Write effective ad-copy using certain rules, which improve the click-through rates.

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