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When people listen to the phrase ‘Social Media’, their minds generally head towards Facebook and Twitter, though, there are several platforms and networks out there. Getting the platforms where you can contact the clients is the main key. Are the clients really using Twitter or busy talking with someone on Facebook, or maybe looking at the new employment on LinkedIn?

The SMM (Social Media Marketing) services by Activecraft is specially designed for keeping you in complete control of your messages in different social media groups, based on accepting your own distinctive business objectives and challenges. Because with all, one size can’t fit in therefore our social media marketing services concentrate evidently on what matters the most for your company.


Scheduling of the Posts at the best time zones for best results

nviting people to fan page

Continuous updating of profiles & Pages

Updating new trends with posts

Defining new goals as per the analytical reports.

Creating an event on Facebook for upcoming events.

Engaging with influencers

We start with brand promotion by sharing docs, files, PPT's.


We promote content through Twitter

Create lists

Utilize promoted Tweets

Listen to relevant conversations

Tweets on weekly basis.

Re-tweets on specific top fashion posts

Increase the follower

Include Hash-tags for every post.


We create board and upload pin

Add the Pinterest Follow Button

Add the Profile Widget

Comment on Popular Pins

Connect Your Social Networks

Find Friends from Other Social Networks

Engaging with influencers

Promote Your Individual Boards

Link to your website.


Complete your profile

Connect your account to Facebook

Create a brand specific strategy

Use hashtags (#’s) in your updates

Use brand specific #’s

Monitor your brand #hashtags

Embed followers’ photos

Like & comment your Follower’s photos

Respond to comments on all your posts

Post photos and short videos of your products

Show your brand story

How Can Activecraft Help You?

We are an affable group of people and our business mainly comes from referrals and recommendations from the friends and clients that recognize how Activecraft works. We believe that the salesmen should talk with the client so we always speak directly with our clients to understand their requirements. Our pricing of SMM services is completely custom-made and according to your current objectives and situation.

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