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E-Learning Services


Provides Different E-Learning Services.

Activecraft provides different E-Learning Services to the organizations around the world. We are in the business for quite a long time, so we have got vast experience by closely working with different small and big organizations across multiple business verticals. We feel very proud in creating inventive E-Learning Solutions, which are built on learner-appropriate strategies as well as finest technologies.

Course Development

Activecraft has considerable experience and capability in the Web Design and Development Services of the digital education content. Our excellent team of Instructional Designers, Project Managers, Usability Experts, and Visual Designers understand that the learning has to be designed for engaging the learner.
We will work personally with your business to conduct comprehensive analysis for deriving and documenting user requirements, as well as add higher value for the course development hard work.

Game Development and Design

Activecraft understands the importance of games like a learning tool. The team Activecraft offers an environment through games where a student can experiment, play, as well as learn from the mistakes. Now, the games have been completely integrated to the educational ground. At Activecraft, we have years of expertise in the game development through the finest technologies existing.

High Quality 2D-3D Animations

Our graphic artists and visual designers have worked for different disciplines and grades for creating high-impact and high-quality 2D-3D animations. If required, we use our expertise of instructional design as well as SME network for making sure that all animations are precise to the final details and add educational value for the student.
We are extremely familiar working with market’s leading and frequently used software, tools, as well as associated standards like COLLADA. Our services include animations for basic and core school reading courses, comprehensive cell animations for superior medical programs as well as photo-rational 3D animations with a broad range of knowledge pieces for K-12.

Learning Objects and Interactivities

There are a couple of the main forces driving amplified publisher demands for the templatized interactivities as well as autonomous learning objects. It promises differentiated instructions and the requirement of generating a suitable return against digital spend. Differentiated instruction permits you to provide the most effective and efficient learning direction for every student according to their preferences, aptitude, and appointment levels. To allow this, content requires producing and making accessible on the coarse level as autonomous learning objects.

Having self-controlled learning objects and economical templatized interactivities also provides publishers superior opportunities for monetization and content management. Activecraft has produced many standards-based knowledge objects across the entire range of authorities and may serve your urgent and continuing content requirements.

IWB Content Development

Activecraft is having broad experience in the content development of IWB (Interactive White Board) related applications. We are having expertise of creating content for Promethean, SMART Boards, Touch board, e-instruction, as well as other platforms.

We generally use internally produced IWB frameworks with HTML5 and Flash to produce platform-atheist content for mobile devices and classroom, in the effort of minimizing publishing development costs.

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